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Captaincy of Portos of Ceará

GPDX-CE thanks gratefully for the support received in all of the expeditions accomplished in lights controlled by the Brazilian Navy, through the Captaincy of Portos of Ceará, subordinate to the Command of the 3rd Naval District, in commander Vice-almirant Edison Lawrence Mariath Dantas and your brave team. We left here registered our more sincere gratitudes. " Daniel, PT7BI and Moreira, PT7ZT ". 31.03.2011.



                      Seat of the Captaincy of Portos of Ceará                                                                                                                                      CMG Alessandro Sá Cavalcante 

Captaincy of Portos of Ceará - Agency of Camocim

Of heart GPDX-CE would like to thank to the support received in Commander Ferretti's person and all your brave team, especially to the Cabo Faroleiro Robson, for occasion of our activities in the Light of Camocim, which was activated from 25 to February 26, 2011. Our eternal one thank you very much. " PT7BI, Daniel and PT7ZT, Moreira " 31.03.2011.